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We offer a full range of pest control solutions including seagull control to both commercial and domestic customers.

GD Pest Control is a family owned business based in Ellon, Aberdeenshire. Senior handler and owner George Duguid has 15 years experience in bird and pest control and 25 years in falconry. GD Pest Control has resolved many issues in Aberdeenshire and throughout Scotland, from insect and rodent infestation to problems caused by seagulls and pigeons nesting on office blocks, and aggressive birds creating problems in the city centre. GD Pest Control utilises its team of trained falcons to great success.

Our qualified and professionally trained bird / pest control team can quickly assess your specific issue, and suggest an effective solution.

Falcon bird control

bird control

seagull bird control bird control, pigeons bird control with falcons

Birds can cause a great deal of nuisance to businesses

bird control
So what can be done?

GD Pest Control work with falcons and hawks to scare birds, so they don't return. All of our birds are legally commercially born and trained birds and comply with regulations and certification for commercial use.

During its many years of commercial experience in Aberdeenshire, GD Pest Control have been faced with every kind of bird control issue imaginable including seagull and pigeon control, and have delivered safe, lawful, and cost effective solutions.

Wild birds can damage and deface buildings quickly, they can be aggressive towards staff and visitors to your business, and they can spread disease.

For an on-location bird site survey, please contact GD Pest Control for further advice and a speedy service.

GD pest control by falcons

rodent control

rat control control of rats mice, rodents

Rodents can cause havoc and huge damage to your domestic or commercial property

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We can help!

GD Pest Control can offer a full on-location rodent site survey, and quickly resolve the situation. A GD Pest Control Technician will establish the species of rodent and identify the quickest methods for eradicating any rodent or vermin problem. We can also advise and carry out future proofing of the property to stop them returning.

Seeking food and warmth, rodents such as rats and mice can spread disease and in extreme cases, have known to cause fires to property through gnawing. Gnawing may be visible on doors, ledges, in corners, in wall material, on stored materials, or other surfaces wherever rodents are present. Fresh accumulations of wood shavings, insulation, and other gnawed material indicate active infestations.

On a contract basis, GD Pest Control offer local oil & gas companies a routine inspection service of their offices and warehouses, with full on-site reporting of rodent activity and trends.

insect control

ants, insects control control of flees cockroach control

An infestation of wasps, ants, fleas or cockroaches requires expert treatment to completely eradicate them from your property

wasp control
GD Pest Control has the solution

Most domestic or commercial buildings will at some stage encounter a crawling insect problem of some sort. The most common infestations in Aberdeenshire are likely to be common Garden Ants, Fleas or Wasps.

Crawling and flying insects can sometimes become too much of a nuisance to live with. GD Pest Control have methods of eradicating these insects with little or no disruption to your property or business.

We can also encounter the more serious insect pests such as the Cockroach, these insects can literally take over your business or your home. An infestation of these insects requires expert treatment and GD Pest Control has various techniques both physical and chemical to do the job successfully.



GD Pest Control

Located locally for your convenience and peace of mind.

GD Pest Control are located in Ellon and cover both domestic and commercial bird, rodent and pest control issues throughout Aberdeenshire.

Our mobile service means that we can act quickly to your issue, and we are always contactable from 9am to 7pm every day, (excluding public holidays).

Please use the web form below to send us an email or call us on the number below.

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